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Best Places to Shop in Copenhagen

  • Around Copenhagen, Denmark, there are a number of shopping districts where you can discover high-end fashion companies, department stores, shopping malls, and bargains from flea markets. In Copenhagen, whatever your tastes or budget, you should be able to find what you're searching for. You can even find some of the best neighborhoods to stay in Copenhagen from where you can easily get access to the markets and hop out for shopping.

    Below are some of the shopping destinations you can check out when you reach Copenhagen.

    • Department Stores

    Two huge department shops, Magasin du Nord and Det Ny Illum, are located in the center of Denmark's capital. Det Ny Illum is located half-way down Stroget at Amagertorv. This department store is highly-stocked and well-designed, offering everything from prêt-à-porter apparel to high-end perfumes. It's especially useful if you want to bring Scandinavian brands home with you.

    The Magasin du Nord is located just across from the Royal Theatre. Since 1879, this enormous department store has been a fixture on Kongens Nytorv, and it remains one of Copenhagen's greatest shopping destinations.

    • Shopping Malls

    Copenhagen has two huge shopping malls that are quite popular. Fisketorvet is one of them, located on the outskirts of the city centre, next to the port. There are numerous shops and restaurants, as well as a movie theatre that won’t fail to entertain you.

    On the other hand, situated in Frederiksberg, you would come across Frederiksberg Central Shopping Mall. This mall is home to a wide range of boutique stores selling shoes, clothing and accessories. While you're in the neighbourhood, you can stop by the Royal Copenhagen factory outlet shop, which is housed in an ancient factory from the late 1800s, to check out on Royal Copenhagen porcelain.

    • Strøget and Købmagergade

    Strøget, recognised as Copenhagen's main shopping street, is the world's longest pedestrian street, where you can find major international and Danish brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Cerutti, Mulberry, Boss and Chanel. If you want to go for lower range products, visit apparel outlets like H&M and other small independent shops offering clothing and eyeglasses along Købmagergade.

    • Flea Markets

    You should visit the local flea markets in Denmark. On summer weekends, you are unlikely to miss one whether you are stopping in a huge metropolis like Copenhagen or wandering through a tiny village. There are three major marketplaces in Copenhagen. The flea markets in Frederiksberg and Israels Plads provide excellent value. Gammel Strand, on the other hand, stands out due to its canalside location and outdoor coffee shops. In Denmark, the flea market season runs from late May through early October.

    • Torvehallerne or Copenhagen’s Food Hall

    Torvehallerne is a one-stop store for a variety of meals, snacks, gourmet goods, and gourmet gifts. It's an open, light-filled space with a diverse range of vendors, including wonderful coffee shops, cooks preparing fresh pasta and presenting it hot to you at the counter, a tapas bar, a farmers market outside and so on. If you've previously visited Florence, think of Mercato Centrale, but in a more pleasant location with more diversity. Ride your bike there for a bite to eat or to spend the day taking in the sights.


    Apart from eye-catching tourist attractions, you can find some of the best market areas in parts of Copenhagen and a lot of local products to try on. Make sure to visit one of the above mentioned markets and take home some memories from Copenhagen.