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Hearing Aids & Mask Wearing Tips

  • Since the emergence of COVID-19, if you’ve gone through any hearing test and have been prescribed to use hearing aids, you're no stranger to the issues that face masks can cause over your hearing aids. The cable connecting your hearing aid outside your ear to the speaker placed inside your ear might get tangled up in the elastic bands that secure your mask to your ear. It's fairly not possible to remove your masks without removing your hearing aids too. (Information source:

    However, there are some methods to wear a face mask while being comfortable and maintaining the fit of your hearing aids. Some of them are:

    1. Obtain a Mask with Four Strings Tying Behind your Head- Although not everyone has the physical dexterity to wear a mask like this, it will be much more soothing for your ears, and taking it off will not cause your hearing aids to fall out. Make sure your hearing aids are still in place when you remove your mask.

    This might be a basic way but getting into the habit of checking every time you unmask may save you hours of hunting for misplaced hearing aids. It's a bit odd to check for your hearing aids when you remove your mask to have a meal or sip a cup of coffee, but this simple check can avoid loss or damage to pricey hearing aids.

    2. Wear a mask with elastic bands that go around your head Instead of your ears- This is the easiest way to keep your hearing aids from falling out when you remove your face mask.

    3. Use Mask Strap Extenders- With strap extenders, masks with around-the-ear straps can be converted to behind-the-head versions. These helpful contraptions, sometimes known as "ear savers," can be purchased online or built at home and they attach the straps and secure them behind the head instead of behind the ears. You may also knot the straps together with a piece of ribbon, elastic or fabric for a similar effect.

    4. Use a Neck Gaiter- A neck gaiter or scarf is usually recommended in this situation. The difficulty with this approach is that many jurisdictions do not consider scarves to be suitable face mask replacements. Neck gaiters, on the other hand, are accepted at every place, and no elastic side parts are necessary. If you even pull out your hearing aids, they should be caught by your neck gaiter. You can also get a type of mask that gets attached to your neck instead of your ears.

    5. Try Using OtoClips- OtoClips are lightweight lanyards that connect your hearing aids to your clothing by wrapping the lanyard around your hearing aid and clipping it to your clothes using an alligator clip. If removing your mask causes your hearing aids to go loose, the OtoClip will grab them. They're also useful for keeping children on track with their hearing aids.

    6. Tie Your Hair Back- To keep your hair out of the way of your mask straps and hearing aids, draw it back into a bun or ponytail and fasten it with an elastic band. This will also make mask removal easier and less likely to cause your hearing aids to become entangled and fall out when you remove the mask.


    Wearing a mask along with hearing aids might get difficult at times but you can overcome it. Follow the above mentioned tips and you can easily prevent your hearing aids from falling out while using your face mask.