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El Pollo is obtained by playing the WoW Trading Card Game

  • Next, players need to locate a wrecked Soulweb WOW Classic Boosting, which will be situated on top of a stage, up a root, at 19.8, 63.4. There will be a truck there; players simply need to look behind it. Plyers should then take the crushed Soulweb spirit to Elder Gwenna at Glitterfall Basin alongside 10 Lightless Silk, and this will fix the Soulweb. Next, players need to request that Ysera charm the Soulweb, which will transform it into a Dream Catcher. This thing is expected to see the Night Mare at Dreamshrine Basin in the shadow domain. When procured, players simply need to utilize it in the Basin, the Night Mare will show up, players need to execute the Night Mare, lastly, this mount will drop.

    The Silky Shimmermoth is another mount that can be found in Ardenweald. Players of any of the four new World of Warcraft: Shadowlands contracts can buy this mount whenever they have finished some amphitheater fights For seven days, players need to go to the Star Lake Amphitheater and battle distinctive uncommon elites.