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The best basic MUT run in Madden 21

  • When building Madden Ultimate Team from scratch, the first place you might think of is the running game. After all, having a powerful running game not only allows you to open up the offense, it also reduces your predictability. And, if you want to build a solid foundation, then you will need a talented person. However, if you start building the Madden 21 Coins team, what support should you seek? Let's review the best basic MUT operation in Madden 21.

    On the 88 OVR, the Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey (Paul Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey) is the highest rated base in Madden 21 (and the most expensive). Although he may not be the fastest defender in the game, he does have decent speed (85) and some solid agility (89) and acceleration. However, McCaffrey's biggest advantage is that he can be used in passing and running games. With this in mind, it is no wonder that he is one of the top five defenders on this list.

    Vikings RB Dalvin Cook has been a key player in Minnesota for the past few seasons, and he can also provide valuable support to your MUT team. Due to its excellent speed (84), acceleration (85) and agility (86) attributes, Cook ranks fourth in Madden 21. Cook is not the best truck in the game, which means that if you want to bully a defender by opposing defenders, you may want to look elsewhere. However, if you want someone who can bring you rapid development, then Cook may be worth seeing.

    The Giants RB Saquon Barkley's basic MUT card is 82 OVR, and he has many of the same attributes as Dalvin Cook. Both Barkley and Cook have the same Speed, Acceleration and Agility attributes, but Barkley is on the edge in the Catching category. Barkley's 64 Catching attributes will not confuse him with the generous receiver, but it is enough to make the base run back. The Break Tackle attribute in the penultimate year is also good, at 78.

    49ers RB Raheem Mostert may be the best choice to bring your MUT back to the market. Although his catching ability (54) and ball carrier attributes are not as good as stars, Most's value lies in his speed. Mostert has some reliable running properties (86 speed, 85 acceleration), and at 81 OVR, he won't spend too many coins. To get a lot of coins, players can Buy MUT Coins on the GameMS website.