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"New Madman 21 Legend" group 5 plays Lawrence Taylor in The Ret

  • LT is back, providing Madden gamers with some compelling defenses on the virtual grill. As of Saturday, EA has launched the new Madden 21 Legends Group 5, and Lawrence Taylor is its number one player. The legend of the Indianapolis Colts, Reggie Wayne, also joined him. This is the latest news about its properties, costs and new challenges.

    On Saturday, September 19th, only two players arrived at Madden 21 Legends Group 5. Lawrence Taylor is the main star many players hope to win. Madden 21 Coins can help you get it easily. Due to his excellent defensive ability, he is usually a game changer for the Madden Ultimate Team.

    The key attributes of LT in the first big card of the Ultimate Team this season include 87 speed 90 acceleration, 89 power movement, 87 Finesse action and 86 power.

    Peyton Manning and former relay player Reggie Wayne of the Indianapolis Colts also joined him. Wayne has been one of Peyton's most popular targets in Indy for many years, shooting more than 14,000 yards and making 82 touchdowns during his 14th season.

    Wayne's 90 OVR card includes 89 speed, 89 catch, 89 center line, 88 short circuit, 87 deep road and 87 spectacular catch. Each new Madden 21 Legends player provides 90 OVR boss cards and 91 OVR restricted cards. The Boss Card can be obtained by exchanging equipment (see below), while LTDs can be purchased as a package until September 21st at 10 am Eastern Time.

    To obtain the Madden 21 Legends Group 5 Boss card shown above, the gamer needs to combine five non-Boss cards. These cards have a rating of 82 to 88 OVR. Non-boss cards can be purchased through packaging and Madden auction house.

    Every player has a new challenge in the ultimate team. Players can choose any difficulty level. Each challenge can be achieved in the game. However, the main goal is to win the game because you will get the player's new Madden 21 Legends Power Up card and Madden Coins. Players can buy madden 21 coins and Power Ups and other cards to upgrade Legends to a higher rating.

    In addition to these challenges, there are separate challenges for the ultimate team. Players can continue to use them, and if they win, they will get another Legends Token. The token will enter the exchange set later to obtain NAT Boss Legends players. This special challenge will expire on September 26 at 10:15 am Eastern Time.

    All the above cards, even the boss card, can be bid at the auction house or purchased immediately. Currently, the price of Lawrence Taylor's Boss and LTD card is reaching one million or more like a coin. Reggie Wayne's Boss card is about 650,000 coins on PS4, while his 91 OVR LTD has more than one million coins.

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