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Tesla to get the Cybertruck into Rocket League

  • Either way, game enthusiasts are not happy with the current nation of Rocket League's cosmetics system, and have observed a fashion in the direction of capitalistic coins-grabbing in some of their favorite video games. Games are high priced to make, and builders need to foot the bill somehow, mainly in a stay recreation they should upkeep. However, it's clearly provoking how some sport studios have displayed their force for making a living so shamelessly, rather than placing energy into being attentive to their players.

    As soon as it changed into found out, gamers began to factor out that the Cybertruck seems like it's from a video game. People quick placed it into their preferred video games vintage and new, creating Cyberpunk 2077 Cybertruck memes and a Goldeneye 007 Cybertruck mod. The Rocket League community reputedly noticed, too: Fan Nikki Luzader has created a petition to Rocket League Items get the Cybertruck into the sport, pronouncing they may touch Tesla if it reaches 1,000 signatures, while different fans have already modded it into the game (as shared through Platypun on Twitter). As of this writing, the petition has simply over 920 signatures. The mod seems to verify issues of Rocket League lovers on Reddit, who discussed the Cybertruck's potential to have an extra-long, possibly over-powered hitbox.

    While a petition is not in all likelihood to do much to persuade Tesla to Buy Rocket League Items get the Cybertruck into Rocket League, it is now not like Musk would not have a history with gaming. Musk discovered at E3 2019 that Tesla automobiles will get a racing recreation drivers can play with the steerage wheel, as well as a port of hyper-tough platformer Cuphead.While this may come sometime in the destiny, Tesla automobiles have already got sure Atari video games on-board, inclusive of Super Breakout and Missile Command. Additionally, Musk even directly addressed the Cyberpunk/Cybertruck comparisons after the official Cyberpunk 2077 twitter account commented on Musk's Cybertruck screen tweet, Musk answered "See you in 2077."