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You can see more records in the infographic under

  • The recreation has attracted extra than 18 million participant total, who have taken Rocket League Trading part in 545 million fits. 6.2 million copies of the game have been bought, with 5.5 million DLC packs to go together with it. PS4 stays the game's top platform--perhaps thank you in component to it launching in July 2015 as a loose PlayStation Plus recreation--with Xbox One and PC both tied. An common of 1.1 million players nevertheless play every day.

    You can see more records in the infographic under, such as which vehicles and customization items have tested the most famous."We debated for quite some time what the excellent manner to expose you our gratitude changed into," Psyonix wrote on its internet site, "till we realized that the solution became to keep doing what you want us to do--to preserve helping the game with new arenas, new garage objects, new sport modes, and new DLC; to test with extra Rocket Labs and to growth our presence within the international of competitive gaming.

    "And so it truly is exactly what we are going to do. We're going to LOLGA make our next fifty two weeks even better than our first. We're going to provide you all the things we stated above after which we're going to come up with a few greater, due to the fact you deserve it. You're our network and you're our buddies."