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I haven't played in like a year

  • As you can see I got a prestige bonus of 1145 which majorly increased the typical exp I obtained. When duoing that the exp will be higher because you get several different bonuses (when duo/trioing, do not suggest any greater, always set the difficulty to match the amount of people you've got.) Hopefully this explains prestige to you guys/helps you out. In case you have some other tips or questions concerning puzzles/bosses article and me or somebody else should be able to RuneScape gold help ya out.

    You'd feel that air runes would be relatively cheap because (1) runecrafters can make the highest multiple of atmosphere runes versus some other rune (rising source of air runes), (2) atmosphere running is fairly popular (again increasing supply of air runes), (3) most people would buy an air personnel versus a water/fire/earth team (decreasing requirement for air runes). Why are water (37 gp) and earth runes (39 gp) relatively so much higher priced than fire/mind runes? Just wondering.

    Some motives: Water runes are utilized for blitz/barrage which is quite well known in p2p. Not many people craft them, plus they are not a frequent drop from creatures. A whole lot of creatures drop fire runes in massive quantities. Mind runes are comparatively useless. Also bear in mind that air runes are the runes that pop up from standard-spellbook spells the most often. Body runes are so cheap because they are near useless, except for cheap levelling.

    I haven't played in like a year, however, from memory, the quickest way to bring in a living from battle in f2p is by amassing big bones, which gives you maybe 30k a hour? There are not any high-level NPCs to OSRS buy gold kill which give drops that are rewarding. Lesser demons could give possibly 10-15k an hour. So that the F2P player would spend approximately 3 hours making 100k from combat drops.