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I want actors

  • Many people may not consider all of the things, besides only items which have changed as 2007. A few things that I was believing are: I am fairly sure back in 2007 we still had that really small screen were the field of RS gold view wasnt as great. You always had to correct the camea. Now players can observe many others without worrying about the camera. Wilderness wall. Things dropped everyone can view instantly. Just the simple fact that technology has increased. I know youtube was popular then, but it has exploded since. A lot of people trying to make videos to"compete".

    Duel stadium is currently f2p. Will it remain this way with staking back? My favored the bone yard is now gone. Hope that returns. Do new players know a few of the old places for conflicts? Dark castle was empty. I had a bigger list to, but for some reason am going blank now. Well I'm sure other folks might have things as well to add.

    Urns may have a fantastic use this incentive exp weekend. It is rather simple the moment you log on teleport all of your prepeared full urns away to give you a nice chunck of exp to give you a great beginning to the bonus exp weekend. Though you only can have 10 full urns in one ability at a time. Together with 61 crafting 10 Strong woodcutting urns will give you 44887.5 exp. With 81 crafting Decorated cooking urns will give you 41782.5 exp.

    Though the exp gains might not be enormous 40k/50k exp in skill in a minute is very helpful and at current prices 10 Infernal urns will help save you 1.4mill at current prices, should you utilize dragon bones. I am Falxmaster, and that I intend on developing a reality-show kind comedy video show on YouTube about Noobs, and cheap RuneScape gold the title (unfinalized) is Runescape Noobs Exposed, but it seems somewhat close to TehNoobShow's God's Exposed- therefore I'm coming up with a new name. But in the meantime, I want actors. Watch the rest of the subject for how to Audition. You don't need to become a true noob, but if it's possible to act try it out! Not really a debate, just post your opinion between them both.