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Some are familiar

  • WoW patch 8.3 this week marks the launch of wow classic gold fresh trainable pets for hunters; the second searching for Raid difficulty wing to the Ny'alotha raid; a opportunity to become an evil rare monster; the right time to begin working on an alt; and the continuation of the Darkmoon Faire.

    The Darkmoon Faire: grab your bonus standing plus a few new arcade games.The Darkmoon Faire runs till Saturday night, so catch your WHEE! Buff in the roller coaster or the carousel to give yourself a bonus ten per cent to standing and expertise gains. While you're there, check out the new Darkmoon Faire Arcade, which offers life-size variations of some pretty entertaining mini-games.

    Some are familiar, including the pattern-matching game from the Tortollan world quests and the circuit-uncrossing sport from Nazjatar world quests.

    'HexSweeper' has you stepping on hexagons to cheap classic gold wow clear them or right-clicking on a space to mark it as a mine. If you fail, you explode (and die, though you won't take durability harm.) There are five levels, also level X, which doesn't label any of those hexes to get started.