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Pay some kind of monthly protection fee

  • Why not? Because doing so breaks sov completely. And it's apparent that devs intend to bring fluid and competitive player-owned sov to EE.You CAN. NOT. Have sov and EVE Mobile ISK have god mode fleets autopiloting to your systems without a recourse.Sure, and as I stated, I'm sure there are creative ways to deal with this other than how it's been in the past as, this is a brand new sport after all, on a new stage.

    Yes and those options must be worked out by the players. Not the devs.

    Make mutually beneficial alliances between sov owners and highsec assignment conveys.

    Pay some kind of monthly protection fee that gets you on the friendly list of gate campers

    Leave your assignment ship in low/null and travel through gatecamps in your pod

    Find shipfits that counter the current camp meta

    You are only looking at this by the"traveling" to get deliveries/hauling perspective. What occurs when a sizable force wants to ruin your capsuleer outpost? Picture this. Should combat ships be unable to traveling offline? I ask because amassing 200-300 pvp cruisers is occurring at this time in null. So say that group wishes to Cheap EVE Echoes ISK burn your home system down. But if all it takes is to plot a course and log away, you have no way to prevent a huge force from entering your home and setting it ablaze. So what then? How can you suggest that chance be repaired?