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Seems functioning as planned

  • I disagree. This by definition means concord will set up some effort, but not a lot. Same reason why gate camping in low takes more effort than it does in null. If I would like to EVE Mobile ISK camp at low which means I need at minimum a dedicated tank and some buddies to help seal the deal immediately, and then deal with the criminal timer. In null I could by my self sit in a gate and be a dick daily.

    Seems functioning as planned if you inquire me.Yeah, low security, it is not everywhere, just at gates and stations.Low security does not mean folks need to have immunity.And they do not. If they are trying to rat or mine or do other things from the system, they are entirely open to anything. Lock them down, kill them, yes please. However, at gates or stations there is security, because it's a minimal security method, there some security, not a great deal, but enough for the gates and also stations.It's a bit of a compromise. It's a mobile game, and traveling should be fairly simple IMO. Maybe not in Null Sec naturally, but not in non?

    You ignore the fact that mission runners and haulers if having gate resistance have absolute immunity. There's no strategy to target them and that's bullshit.This isn't EO. Keep that things to Null to your cellular market.And we're back to that tired argument. Why is it that because one factor of EO that I like automatically means I need to return to Cheap EVE Echoes ISK I no longer enjoy? Why does mobile need to mean idle and effortless simulator?I have two complaints about EE. Audits and how safe low/null sec is. I like everything else they have done with the sport.