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Here's the thing

  • Here's the thing. It's really not that bad if you put in a while to escape at nullsec and make a few friends. There'll be challenges and gate camps, but this can and will be overcome with expertise and teamwork. Gate camps are costly when you get rolled from the regional alliance, and if you're traveling through their nullsec space, they'll destroy you too because it is their territory. When it's the alliance camping their particular land, welp, that is their distance! Either join them or try to run the blockade and make your money by EVE Echoes ISK being one of the only people hauling in goods from nullsec.

    This is a really social game, you're not going to have fun on your own. I'm brand new and I am having a blast flying with full fleets and learning and supporting my team. All in nullsec and everything that comes with it. I am not worried about bubbles and gate camping because I'm likely to kill and be killed in the thick of the action, and it's going to be awesome. Anyone can receive the experience I am having.

    Edit: one other thought. This is not carrying that much of EVE Mobile ISK Cheap the time, I am easily able to play in 15min - 1hour chunks of time and still participate. To the people who would just like to research, fit a frigate with a few stabilizers and inertial and you're pretty safe with autopilot. If you are hauling goods from nullsec, on your own, then I'm not certain why that should be wholly safe..