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Had a feeling that this would happen

  • I loosely follow the franchise and it's definitely stagnating. I would really like to Mut 21 coins find out what other developers could bring to the table given its overall sales I would not be shocked if the license remains for awhile. It stinks to be forced into only 1 option each year. Or worst they will state that the franchise is going downhill and will probably be out of business so I see why my article came off that way. I've bought one Madden the entire PS4 gen and just 2 during PS3. It's still a popular sport that is mostly because of the exclusivity and marketing. Just like you said tho casual people don't really care. I simply don't see how NFL could appeal to casual individuals actually but I figure it will. EA is used to bad media so perhaps their perception does not matter to them much.

    Had a feeling that this would happen. EA has been radio silent on anything regarding the next gen games. I wouldn't be shocked if they overlook 2020 completely. Oh no, the sport that I desire The most to see in next gen, but its strange, no gameplay, no vídeos of next gen. Just like you may play the original cod or assasins creed 1 rather than the new titles? Fifa has played countless of hours by most people that purchase it. Even offline most ppl get far more value out of a yearly Fifa title than they purchase from copy-paste assasins creed /cod/mario type games. Apart from the real top single player games like RDR2 or Naughty puppy games - fifa has better gameplay and value compared to other single player games. lol what? You're paying total $60 for a game that could easly be a yearly update (new ui, moves, transfers) thats it. I'm sorry if truth hurts but mate, they are due for some upgrade. And I understand that its a football simulation so you cant really"update" it if it's already good, but when they wanted they could easly get a newer motor, and update the match according to new and more realistic engine. I'm huge fan of fifa too, but it is a damn ripoff every year. Additionally, Career mode is always step back with every release. They might have easly implemented their fifa manager which stopped in 2013 I think into career mode. FFS we cant even pick in menu in career mode to not perform as our team but to cheap mut coins madden 21 become more of a trainer. They're able to do a lot of shit and more in depth, but they dont want to.