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I also want to understand

  • In cash, I just have 188k. But I have a Dragon scimitar as a weapon with no armour, so that's another 100k. Will it cost me a whole lot to beat DT or a little for my cash? Are my stats good enough? Alright, one reason I want members would be to try out the Roleplaying worlds. The wiki has little info on these. (Absolutely nothing) The description from the game manual said that the NPCs speak to you differently, to RuneScape gold help facilitate the roleplaying experience. I presume this means that your characters doesn't say anything whatsoever and their dialog changes to compensate for that. My questions are simply these. How well do they implement this? (Dialogue look forced, natural or desiring?)

    Are there any other tools to aid in Roleplaying? (An choice to see the bios of other players.) Are there any issues with those worlds? (Glitches that remain unresolved because Jagex doesn't care.) Or an I just receive a thorough explanation about these? This would save me time at the event lets say a major glitch exists. I don't understand what's hard to understand. Basically I am interested as to how good the RP component has been implemented the RP worlds.

    I also want to understand how others behave in the RP world, should they actually behave as though they should or do they discount the RP tag and just treat it as any other world. The reason for this is that I'm too cheap to Cheap RS gold purchase members and check it out for myself until after I finish every F2P pursuit. And I am too impatient too wait to discover more.