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What are you really using the armor for?

  • Make certain your Protect From Magic Prayer is flipped on and take space from the Demon to be certain that it doesn't hit you with melee. Set up your cannon, load and fire it. Now you can wait and at the meantime variety or mage it or you could hide behind the statue where the demon can not mage you. When needed go reload your cannon, do not forget to OSRS gold flip your prayer back on and be sure to stay clear of its melee strikes! This is undoubtedly the easiest manner but also the most expensive.

    I could probably answer these questions for him as they are pretty clear... lol. Are you going to have sufficient money to continuously fix the barrows sets if you purchase them? (I would guess it'd be an issue, if you have to sell your d armor to get the barrows) When he has enough for a dpl8 he sure as heck could manage the cost of repair. What is the purpose of wearing barrows in case you aren't using the whole set and not getting the set bonus? The maximum def bonus in the sport?

    What are you really using the armor for? If you are constantly in PvP combat, then you may need to mend often. If you are fixing your self, is your smith large enough so that you can save money doing this in your POH? That also adds the worries of Cheap RS gold having a workshop and armor rack on your POH to fix, or paying full price from Bob in Lumby.