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It did not go all that well however

  • I obtained 68 summoning yesterday, and I decided to OSRS gold take a visit to Waterfiends. It did not go all that well however. What if I change/upgrade? I only have around 4m cash to spend on this at the moment ('d 8m before I purchased the spear) Should I get 80 cooking until I return there? Should I market the spear and Purchase a Saradomin Sword?

    I have tried and tried dozens of different ways of playing that flute (snake charm) at the previous period of Ratcatchers. Does anybody have quite detailed instructions they'd be willing to share? I have already read the pursuit walkthrough on Sal's most important site and also the one posted here in the forums from Beeboy. I understand that I have to click on 1 note on every one of the 8 pages consecutively, then press"Play". I know that the order of these notes is: 6-3-5-4-6-1-0-2.

    I really don't know which one of the two"2-notes" I'm supposed to Buy RS gold select. I received just a Snake Charm and Basket from Ari. Was I supposed to be given a third item?? I have dropped my flute and basket several times, then gone back to determine if Ari would also give me a sheet of songs --he has not. While I obtain the things out of Ari, I never see a substitute for"Walk away slowly" out of Ari, or an option to talk to him about"charming animals" or an choice to mention"Felkrash" and that he never asks me to get 1 gp more than I have on mehe just gives me the Snake Charm along with the Basket (after I drop gp into his basket). Would someone educated pleeeeeez post some detailed directions for me and everyone after me that gets trapped on playing that flute?? Many, many thanks!