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The format is looking good

  • Good video! Really like the best way to break down the reprocessing percentage required to EVE Echoes ISK break even. Basically now it appears better to just sell ore directly up instead of reprocess.Also going to apply after my 24 hr timer is up. Same in sport name!Yea I'm convinced there are tons of businesses out there with reprocessing spreadsheets so the profit from reprocessing off the market is becoming tighter and tighter.Finally a few fantastic content with this sub!

    Thats some high excellent info there. Thanks for the amazing Details. I look forward to  future videos.I invest nearly all my time in Placid and Cloud Ring. Hopefully we do not encounter each other while I am on my PvP account.If we do and you have the jump on me its all good. Its apart of this game. I lost 3 ships today after writing this my cherry is popped.

    I am just here to find the lizard.The format is looking good! Keep this up! Now you just require a flashy intro with a few music!Hey, I was only yesterday perusing your channel after Iyosak referenced a YouTube video which referenced you.Thanks for your report, I enjoy your routine content.Thanks, glad you are enjoying it!Yeah, I wonder if they're counting the official alts as gamers, or if it is just a count of bound + guest accounts. The use of this term"player" is interested while we have personalities and accounts.How many active players? How many alts? How many bots?I think its safe to assume two accounts per participant on average if you dont count bots.This men killed a dramiel daredevil solo because I published this article. Black legion baby.Excellent movie my dude.finally a honk man with Cheap EVE Mobile ISK some sportsmanship! Keep it up!Took the fight but lost the battle, much like Pickett's Charge.The war goes in my friend, and we are dominating.The only thing getting mastered is MrPay2Win's wallet.And your memebers ships, which I personally - murder by the thousands.