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Genshin Impact Accounts I am already seeing some players

  • Genshin Impact Accounts I am already seeing some players grumbling that this event is going to turn into yet another Resin sink when there is already so so much we need to farm using Resin already. Of course the point of any event is to get players to ultimately spend money in this case converting Primogems to energy for ultimate farming capabilities but we’ll see how it goes. I’m just happy to see something new as logging in to do a few domains and my daily quests is really all I’ve been reduced to with pretty much everything else on the maps cleared both puzzles and quests.

    The first few steps of The Chi of Guyun quest are self-explanatory and don't need much of an explanation. Players will need to head to the locations marked on their maps and complete simple puzzles by activating statues in a simple order. However the puzzle on top of the mountain in Qingce Village can prove to be quite challenging. Players will need to activate the statues in order depending on which Treyvat landmark they are facing.And if you want to buy Genshin Impact Account ASIA , visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

    One of these 3 fixes is sure to do the trick. If on the off chance they do not work your best bet then is to reinstall the game. That’s because some of your current program files may have corrupted themselves causing this issue. So a fresh install will fix the problem. Don’t worry you won’t have to risk losing your progress. Thankfully Genshin is an online game and the progress always saves itself safely in your account. So you can start off from wherever it is you left.