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NPCs that have been around the city will get a new appearance i

  • The developers recently made some changes to the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands currently running on the Beta server. In order to better showcase the culture of Azeroth, existing NPCs will get more new appearances, and players will also There are more customization options when creating roles. Simply put, now the guards and citizens in the main city will become more diverse than they are now.

    According to the information released on the official website of World of Warcraft recently, both male and female Stormwind guards will have more skin tones. These options were introduced by Blizzard developers. In order to continue this World of Warcraft Classic Gold theme, Blizzard has also provided various vendors and civilians around the city with new appearances, including Naomi, Larimaine Purdue, Suzanne, Stormwind Fisherman, and Allison Potts. Players can discover these changes as long as they pay attention.

    We announced this news a long time ago. That was at a WoW: Shadowlands press event. Ely Cannon, the art director of World of Warcraft, accepted an interview with MMOWTS and answered some important questions, such as whether all NPCs will be provided with available customization options in the future, just like players creating characters when using the same variety of options. Cannon's answer is that developers choose to use these content in future games or expansions, just like the tools they provided before. That may include going back to the old world, when new vendors are added, and customising and updating some of the old NPCs in the world.

    But it depends on the developer's time and bandwidth. The current focus of Blizzard's work is to continuously improve the next upcoming new expansion, so as to provide players with the most fun games, as well as richer new content. To Buy WOW Classic Gold be sure, if the designers of World of Warcraft have more room for work, these contents will soon become available options in new expansions. When the world in the game can reflect diversity and personalization, this means The game will definitely move forward.

    There is still more than a month before the official release date of Shadowlands. During this time, Blizzard's series of teases always make the game's loyal fans excited. At present, three of the four promotional videos have been released on Blizzard's official website. If you want to know some background stories in Shadowlands, you can check it out. It is worth noting that a recent video mainly introduced Ardenweald, and the information in this video is very important.

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