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Sega showcased PSO2: the battle and open world of New Genesis a

  • Phantasy Star Online 2 has been on the market in Japan since 2012, but it only came to the United States this year. It is long enough to Buy PSO2 Meseta show its age and can be drastically modified. PSO2: New Genesis is an independent expansion announced by Sega at the E3 conference and is also achieving this goal. This new expansion adds an open world environment to the MMO, and overhauls combat and graphics. But what is confusing is that this is an independent game, but the player's role can switch back and forth between PSO2 and New Genesis.

    As part of Friday's Tokyo Game Show, Sega did a one-hour live broadcast to showcase New Genesis. It may be a little difficult to hear what others say, but I brought up some more interesting details. In fact, the real charm of the video is to see more New Genesis at work. Here is the point.

    In New Genesis, you can explore the vast world. In the previous PSO2, each area is an independent enclosed space. However, in New Genesis, you can move seamlessly between regions. In addition, the upcoming update will give you access to more areas, more places, and eventually you will have access to all locations in the site. After logging in to the game, players will start from the lobby, where hundreds of people will gather.

    Adventure is divided into areas that contain certain terrain, but you can also move seamlessly between areas. The maximum number of users that can play in an area is 8, but you will automatically be paired with other users when you seamlessly switch between parts.

    A few other highlights:There's a day/night cycle, and weather.And there are two new actions: A dash and a glide, for better mobility.There are healing items scattered around the field.The open world seems to be divided into "exploration "sections, where you can gather items, and fighting sections focused on enemies. Fruits you gather in the Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta exploration section can be used to cook food to boost your character.

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