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Eve Echoes Trade: teach you how to operate orders

  • In EVE Echoes, among the many ways to make money, trade is a good way to make money. The principle is simple: buy low and sell high. Sometimes, the player's operations are entangled in all transactions, which will cause the player to be unable to track his own operations, and the error message "Exceed the maximum number of orders" may pop up later.

    Now help you to manage your trading orders correctly so that you will never exceed the maximum number of orders. How does the buy and sell order work? Everyone has a limited number of buy and sell orders. It depends on your current trading skill level, which determines the order limit. The higher your trading skills, the more active orders you can have at one time.

    Players can buy and sell goods on the ITC station. You can place an order in EVE Echoes through the following methods: The first step is to stop at the ITC station of your choice, then open the transaction menu, select the item you want to buy, click on the item, then select the "buy" option, and finally select shipping the way.

    After completion, your purchase order has been activated and will remain active until the item is delivered to you or you arrive at the delivery location.

    The sell order is valid until someone provides you with the Cheap EVE Echoes ISK product in the market before purchasing the product from you. The method you can place a sell order in EVE Echoes is as follows: same to stop at the ITC station, open your inventory, go to the "Project Hangar" tab, then select the item you want to sell, click on the item, and select "Sell" option, you need to enter the price, and finally press "OK" to confirm.

    After completing these operations, you can view all the buying and selling orders by clicking the "My Orders" tab on the market menu.

    If all your order spaces are occupied, then you will no longer be able to buy or sell any items. You will then receive the "Maximum number of orders exceeded" error message.
    How to cancel an order, you can simply cancel the old order according to the following steps: stop at the ITC station, open the market menu, click the "My Order" option, click the order you want to cancel, and select the "Cancel Order" option. Now you can activate new buy and sell orders from the "Trade" menu.

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