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Very surprised, the Speedrunner of World of Warcraft reached a

  • Recently, this guy has maintained a record-breaking record due to various level upgrades during the launch of Shadowlands, and now he has done it again: an astonishing three hours and thirty minutes raised the Alliance Death Knight from level 10 to level 10. 50 levels. I find this speed unimaginable. It’s worth reminding myself that although DesMephisto is obviously using everything he can, and WoW is another beast, this flattening arc was originally designed to last for weeks and months instead of hours.

    Let's not overweed here. WoWhead has a detailed classification of each technology and item used, but DesMephisto maximizes the Classic WOW Gold value of the anniversary XP enhancement, uses Chromie to switch between extensions, and uses it cleverly Hearthstone to cut-spend a lot of travel time if it weren't for some crooks trying to streamline him, it would be faster.

    Some strategies will not appear in World of Warcraft for longer, so unless DesMephisto cracks it himself, this "record" may last a long time. A few months ago, someone interviewed DesMephisto and described how he was welcomed by the community for his unconventional World of Warcraft, part theorists, part speed runners, and all fighters. Okay, he used the death knight this time, but we will let it slide down.

    This record is the latest record of DesMephisto’s long-term Warcraft achievements. Blizzard has been recognized in the recent patch by adding Desm’s Fistos, the plate guard, and the plate armor has added "Haste" and "Master" skills. Absurd gain. The Vanilla WOW Gold Warcraft fan has nothing to do with his reaction.

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