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What factors cause the safety hazards of hotel elevators

  • hotel elevator manufacturer have gradually become a place for hotels to show their personality, but how to ensure the safety of elevators is still a very important aspect. As a traditional industry, the hotel is a living base for customers to travel, business, conferences and other activities. For the guests, the hotel not only means the bed in the guest room and the food in the restaurant, but also the pleasure and comfort that the customer enjoys when consuming these material products. All of this must be based on the safety of the hotel. .

    According to industry analysts, the main reasons for the safety hazards of hotel elevators are as follows:

    1. The maintenance and rescue are not timely.

    Elevators are complex electromechanical equipment. If maintenance is not timely, minor faults can easily cause problems such as sudden car stop, door failure, trapping people in the car or even pinching passengers. At this time, if there is no professional rescue and troubleshooting, There may be accidents.

    1. The elevator management and use unit is operated illegally at the provincial maintenance fee.

    Some hotels, office buildings, and units are unwilling to spend money on major repairs and maintenance for old elevators, elevators with long running time, and freight elevators. In order to save maintenance fees and inspection fees, they will not request quality supervision on the grounds of temporary suspension. The department reports for inspection, and it operates privately when there are too many passengers or cargo lifts. There is no guarantee of safety for this type of elevator beyond the inspection period.

    1. Some old elevators have been in service overdue.

    The elevators produced in the 1970s and 1980s had imperfect design, manufacturing, and installation technologies, and many electronic control and mechanical failures. This type of elevators is currently declining and scrapped year by year. But at the same time, with the rapid increase in the scale of the elevator industry, some small elevator factories unfairly competed and used methods such as cost reduction to produce low-priced elevators, which caused more quality problems. From the perspective of handling consumer complaints, there are indeed some unscrupulous developers who choose low-priced elevators, causing owners to complain.

    The above-mentioned safety hazards are detailed issues. The hotel should perform maintenance and management responsibilities for elevator facilities in the daily work center. Doing good elevator lift factory maintenance can greatly reduce the occurrence of such tragedies and improve customer satisfaction.