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Animal Crossing New Horizons Winter Updates Features

  • Every player is so excited about the new event in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Officially launched by ACNH Winter Update (version 1.6. 0) on 19 November. A brand new winter update series for Animal Crossing, New Horizons will also come, read this Animal Crossings manual which includes new updated Christmas-themed items, 9 new reactions to the spawning of seasonal crafting materials, dream visit to the random island.

    New Horizons Winter Update – ACNH New Reactions, Crafting Material, Holiday Items, And More

    Cedar trees will be decorated with festive tree lights from December 15 onwards in both hemispheres. This is one of the best ways to turn the holiday designs of your ACNH winter island into a living place. The winter is well and truly on in the northern hemisphere and everyone can see heavy snow showers and snow settled down in the ground. In addition, the first time that is really exciting is now when players in the Southern Hemisphere see that summer. Furthermore, ACNH bells are valuable monetary help to get some necessary items in animal crossing New Horizons in a game like clothing.

    Unlock 9 Nook Miles New Reactions

    Reactions in animal cruising are one of the best ways of expressing yourself: new horizons. It is great because the winter update is ready to use this fresh space, the previous Halloween Update brought in the Reaction menu a second page. These new reactions include Awakened, Sit Down, Sniff Sniff, Ta-da, Wave Goodbye, Work Out, Yoga, and Take a Background! You will go to the Nook Stop Terminal for 2.700 Nook Miles to buy the new Hip Reaction Collection product.

    ACNH Materials for Crafting

    Regardless of which area or hemisphere you are in, holidays are fast approaching as other holidays all year round. The new seasonal craftsmanship materials and DIY Animal Crossing Recipes are provided.

     Animal Crossing Holiday-Themed Items

    There are a total of 14 new items and 2 new items including the big tree, the festive top set, and a smaller tree, the holiday candle, the illuminated present, the lighted reindeer, snowflakes, a tree, the classical jingle wall, the mobile decoration, a honeycomb, the table tubes, and the rugged rubble.

    Home Storage Upgrade

    Now, by talking with Tom Nook in Resident Services, you can apply to expand your home storage to its biggest size and repay your debt. Congratulations on reaching the next household level. This increases your storage space to 2400 slots. Think of all the items that you can store now and access your island home comfortably!

    Dreams Visit Random Islands

    Did you like to dream and visit other islands? Now you can go to random islands while dreaming to create new inspirational perspectives for your own island adaptations.

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