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Animal Crossing New Horizons Art Items Guide: Real vs Fake

  • What are Animal Crossing New Horizons Art Items?

    Paintings and sculptures are both works of art in Animal Crossing New Horizons and Jolly Redd, who offers genuine artworks and fabrics, can buy this from ACNH items. True Animal Crossing art can't be donated to museums, and fake art can't be donated, but you can also show your fake art on your island. On, you can check the complete list of ACNH art objects like paintings and sculptures with their Buy Price, Sale Price and Drop-Off Box Sell Price in the Bell Game, as well as the instant trading price in real money, and then choose the right time to purchase or sell your Animal Crossing Art. Each painting or statue of Animal Crossing has a true and false version for sale.

    Redd is a fox who sells some artwork and rare furniture from his ship, known as Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler. Redd will visit your island at random, roughly every two weeks. On the day Redd first appears, Isabelle will tell the player that there is a suspicious person who has recently been identified to other nearby islands. On his first visit, Redd will be selling a random, guaranteed-authentic painting for 4,980 ACNH bells. Redd offers four pieces of art and two pieces of Animal Crossing furniture at a time, three of the four works offered can be authentic, but they may also be forged.

    How to Spot Fake Art in ACNH

    Not all that Redd sells is true art, so you need to say the paintings are real and which ones are fake, the same goes for statues. All of Animal Crossing Art is based on true paintings and statues that currently occur in real life. What you should do is figure out what the painting looks like in real life, and look for any variations.

    Some tips to spot the face of ACNH art:
    -Fake artworks will have one or two weird details
    -Fake artworks in New Horizons are typically different from those in previous games.
    -Fake works of art can also be haunted
    -Go to Animal Crossing Art Prices List at the AKRPG Database, each painting or statue has two variations: face and fact, you can check the difference between them.

    Complete list of ACNH Painting
    Serene Painting
    Warm Painting
    Wistful Painting
    Academic Painting
    Graceful Painting
    Calm Painting
    Flowery Painting
    Jolly Painting
    Moody Painting
    Famous Painting
    Scary Painting
    Dynamic Painting
    Scenic Painting
    Moving Painting
    Amazing Painting
    Quaint Painting
    Solemn Painting
    Basic Painting
    Worthy Painting
    Glowing Painting
    Common Painting
    Sinking Painting
    Nice Painting
    Proper Painting
    Mysterious Painting
    Twinkling Painting
    Perfect Painting
    Wild Painting Left Half
    Wild Painting Right Half
    Detailed Painting

    Complete list of ACNH Statues
    Warrior Statue
    Motherly Statue
    Beautiful Statue
    Familiar Statue
    Robust Statue
    Gallant Statue
    Informative Statue
    Rock-head Statue
    Ancient Statue
    Tremendous Statue
    Valiant Statue
    Mystic Statue
    Great Statue