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2020 Christmas online users on Steam far exceeds last year

  • According to SteamDB statistics, the number of simultaneous Steam users on Christmas Day this year was close to 23 million, and the number of simultaneous online users in the next two days exceeded 24 million.

    Compared with the official data released by Steam last year, the number of online simultaneous online users of Steam during Christmas 2019 was only about 15 million. It seems that due to this epidemic, it is impossible to visit relatives and friends. Play online games with friends on Steam or enjoy the games independently through Steam Level Up.

    As we all know, many players' Steam Accounts are carefully maintained, and the steam community platform has also become a place for players to socialize. Therefore, many players are very concerned about their Steam level while playing games. It can not only help you buy games. High-level steam accounts can also help players enrich their communities, but you need to spend time on tasks.

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