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Packaging Is The Responsibility Of Producers

  • Packaging and packaging waste shall not contain some heavy metals and must meet the basic packaging requirements. Responsible for the consistency of box packaging companies that manufacture or import packaging in Finland. Packaging is the responsibility of producers. Producer responsibility means that the packer of the product or the company importing the packaged product to Finland is responsible for the waste management cost of its packaging when the packaging is out of use. In Finland, matters related to producer responsibility are concentrated in the centre.
    Packaging is a product:
    Preserve or protect substances or objects. Promote the presentation of substances or objects. Allow the handling or transportation of substances or objects. The purpose of packaging legislation is to promote the recovery, reuse and recycling of packaging and packaging waste.
    Restricted substances in packaging
    The total content of the package shall not exceed 100 mg / kg: cadmium, lead, mercury and hexavalent chromium. Except for glass packaging and plastic boxes and trays used in closed and controlled cycles, in some cases they may contain more heavy metals than listed above. Enterprises that manufacture or import glass packaging and plastic boxes and pallets for controlled circulation must comply with reporting obligations and other requirements, where applicable (Commission Decision 2009 / 292 / EC on plastic boxes and pallets and commission decision 2001 / 171 / EC on glass packaging).
    Packaging label
    Identification marking of materials used in perfume logo box packaging is voluntary in Finland. If the company indicates on the package or its label the material used in the package, it must indicate it in accordance with Annex 3 of the packaging and packaging waste regulations. basis. Other marking and labeling requirements applicable to the package depend on the product contained in the package.
    Basic packaging requirements
    Some basic requirements for the structure, composition, reusability and recyclability of packaging.
    According to the basic requirements, the package must:
    Size and weight as small as possible
    Meet the required level of safety, hygiene and acceptability
    It has potential reusability and recoverability
    Contain harmful and dangerous substances in the lowest possible concentration
    Multiple transportation and use are required
    In terms of packaging treatment, the adverse impact on the environment is the least
    It is safe for the health and safety of workers handling used packaging
    When the used packaging becomes waste, it meets the requirements of packaging recyclability
    If the package is recyclable, it contains a certain proportion of recyclable materials
    If packaging waste is used for energy use, the minimum calorific value is included

    If the packaging waste is compostable, it can be fully biodegradable.