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Runescape is 20 years old

  • On January 4, 2021, the old MMO online fantasy game developed by Jagex will be 20 years old. In 20 years, it has 300 million users, and in 2020 it has a record 1.2 million members and millions of free players. It is already a beloved and popular role-playing game. This is a successful British story because it has gone global and has been continuously updated and developed in the past 20 years.

    Runescape has been fully released on iPhone and Android devices in 2021. Cross-platform games are supported on the desktop version. You can also play the game on Steam. The 20th-anniversary commemorative event will also arrive.

    The celebration was held in Lumbridge Crater for a month with a grand party, and the larger celebration is about to kick off at the end of the month. Do you want gold or equipment? Go to the Lumbridge crater, you will get buffs and rewards as well as an extra 10% XP reward in the crater. Find the wise old man and ask him for your 20th-anniversary costume and cloak!

    The one-month mega event will hold events once a week, each event celebrating a different aspect of the wonderful world of RuneScape and bringing incredible bonuses. In the first week, you can take part in three small missions represented by iconic characters on the RuneScape roster, head to the crater, and win some special prizes, such as a new 20th-anniversary cake, XP lights, and even gold! 10% XP gain is the best time to train your skills, go to your crater!

    I think you will go to the official store to buy some 20th-anniversary collectible pushpins and keyrings, but on, you can Buy RS3 Gold, I believe you will like the price. In short, this game is already an innovative and ambitious free, always-online, and personality role-playing game.