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Runescape 3 elite dungeon boss

  • According to recent information, we know that boss Raksha entered RuneScape 3 with his various fighting skills. But in the boss of the elite dungeon, Seiryu, The Ambassador is familiar to us, and I hope the following suggestions can help you.

    Seiryu is the first boss in the final encounter of the elite dungeon in Runescape 3. It is one of the highest level monsters in the game with a combat level of 10,000. To deal with this boss, you must first complete the task of "impress the locals". Once completed, head to Amish Island and enter the dungeon from there. Seiryu is not a staged task, but it is not simple. You need to climb to its back and destroy the black crystal it is handcuffed with a certain amount of life. Every time you destroy the crystal on Xilong's back, the special attack it uses will gain more speed. You need to destroy three black crystals to end the battle.

    The Ambassador is the last boss in Elite Dungeon 3. There are 3 stages, with an astonishing 1 million health, but it is also the most interesting content. There is no insta-kill mechanism, but some abilities are very close. And use the circle of blood to teleport to Daemonheim, use the ship on the shore to move to the southeast, you can also experience the story mode version of the dungeon.

    Yakamaru is similar to Seiryu in that it is also a boss with a combat level of 10000, but the difference is that it is the only raid boss in Gielinor, and it is almost impossible to defeat it by a single player. So the mechanics of the game will also make it raid groups of 10 or more people. It has a large number of different battle stages, so even experienced players are reluctant to encounter it. Before you start to send there to reach this raid, you must read the online guide carefully and study carefully.

    For the boss in Runescape 3, players like to challenge very much. Adventurous players should like this exciting game experience, and the rewards after the challenge are successful will also make people feel very valuable. Such as experience, items, RS3 Gold, etc. Of course, before we go to challenge the boss, we may also need to buy OSRS Gold to fully our strength.