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How to Level a Boosted Character to Level 50 In WoW Classic

  • A bitter reminder of just how little time players of the original game have left in adulthood, leveling up in World of Warcraft Classic was a difficult task to accomplish. The chances are good that you'll be ready to enter the Dark Portal when the Burning Crusade Classic launches in early June if you were able to persevere through the ordeal. If this is not the case, there is still hope. A one-time paid boost can bring a character of your choosing up to level 50 in a matter of minutes. However, with level 50 still being the ultimate goal, you don't have much time left to complete it. Here's how to level a boosted character to level 50 in a short amount of time in World of Warcraft Classic.

    Instructions on how to level up a World of Warcraft Classic character to level 50
    Before we get started, we'll go over how to level up a character in World of Warcraft Classic. Now that the pre-patch for the Burning Crusade has been activated, all that is required to reach the lofty heights of level 50 is to purchase a boost from the in-game shop on the character selection screen.

    In order to boost a character, it must be on a Burning Crusade world. You can either create a new character or enhance an existing one. Despite the fact that it is a paid item, you are only allowed to boost one character per account. In addition, they must not be members of the new Draenei or Blood Elf races. As a result, make an informed decision.

    How to Prepare for the Classic Edition of the Burning Crusade
    The leveling experience in World of Warcraft Classic has been slightly altered as a result of the pre-patch for the Burning Crusade. The total amount of experience required to reach level 50 has been reduced by 15%, and quests completed above the level of 30 now award more experience points than they did previously. There have been many previously co-op-only quests changed to be more solo player-friendly, which should make the previously tedious journey to max level feel significantly less onerous now. That is not to say, however, that it will not require a significant amount of time investment.

    Although you'll start out with an entirely new set of equipment, some gold, and the riding profession and mount, as a newly boosted level 50, you'll get a lot more out of the deal than you did before the boost. The armor you've been given, on the other hand, isn't the best. Because it is significantly lower than what a manually leveled character could have at that point, your first order of business should be to address this issue as soon as possible. You'll have a difficult time grinding those final two levels in your current state.

    Prior to any of that, however, you must make the age-old decision as to which talent specialization path you will take. Talents in World of Warcraft Classic are used to create an old-school RPG build, which means that every point counts and that making any small mistakes can be extremely costly. Fortunately, there are numerous resources available to point you in the right direction. All you have to do now is decide whether you want to play a tank, healer, or DPS in The Burning Crusade, and then build your character accordingly.

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