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Determining Feral Druid Tanks Consumables for World of Warcraft

  • Know how to get the best raid buffs and the best group setup for your Feral Druid Tank, and what the strongest Feral Druid Tank Consumables for raids are, including the best flasks, elixirs, and potions to use on your Feral Druid Tank.

    Determining Feral Druid Tanks Consumables for World of Warcraft Classic

    Flute of Chromatic Enchantment
    This flask provides significantly more overall value (TPS + EHP + DTPS) than the 500 health provided by Flask of Fortification, even when the spell resistance bonuses are ignored. The difference is significant enough that Flask of Fortification would not be an efficient Defense swap when the crit immunity cap is reached. Although it provides more overall value than the combination of Elixir of Major Agility and a Guardian Elixir, Flask of Chromatic Wonder is only useful for saving the cost to buy WOW TBC gold during progression, with the exception of resistance fights where it is always worth using if a significant proportion of the damage dealt is magical.

    The Elixir of Major Agility, the Elixir of Demonslaying, the Gift of Arthas, and the Spirit of Zanza are all powerful potions.
    As a primary attribute for feral tanks, agility has the highest monetary value because it contributes to EHP, avoidance, and TPS all at the same time. The fact that Elixir of Major Agility is considered to be the best all-purpose Battle Elixir for bears is not surprising given this. Due to the fact that this elixir is also excellent for feral DPS, it is a convenient choice when performing both roles simultaneously throughout a raid. When dealing with Demon-type trash packs or bosses, the Elixir of Demonslaying from vanilla is significantly superior, but swapping between the two elixirs over the course of a raid with a variety of mob types can become costly. The Flask of Relentless Assault for the TPS boost can be used to save some gold on progression if you want to save some WOW TBC gold on progression.

    Gift of Arthas should be used by tanks on any encounter where a defensive Guardian Elixir is not required to survive, as it buffs all physical DPS in the raid. Gift of Arthas should be used by tanks on any encounter where a defensive Guardian Elixir is not required to survive. Alternatively, if the encounter necessitates a more defensive approach, Spirit of Zanza is the best available option. However, it is limited to only two uses per raid if one Zanza is already pre-popped on Yojamba Isle, making it the worst choice. For those who require a greater quantity of defensive elixirs, the Elixir of Major Defense is the next best option, unless the armor cap has been reached, in which case the Elixir of Major Fortitude can be used in place of the former. Remember that Spirit of Zanza is 70% more effective than Elixir of Major Fortitude because it scales with Survival of the Fittest, Dire Bear Form, Heart of the Wild, and Blessing of Kings, among other things. Finally, depending on how the rest of your gear is itemized, Elixir of Ironskin may be the most appropriate Guardian Elixir for a given situation in some cases. However, when compared to the other options, the 30 Resilience buff has a significantly lower monetary value. However, it is one of the most efficient Defense/Resilience swaps available when optimizing for crit immunity.

    Fisherman's Feast, Spicy Crawdad, Warp Burger, and Grilled Mudfish are some of the options.
    If you are tanking and DPSing at the same time, the 30 Stamina food is your best bet against tough bosses. However, the 20 Agility food is superior if you are skewing towards high avoidance or in a hybrid role where you are both tanking and DPS.

    Potions such as Ironshield Potion, Haste Potion, and Free Action Potion are available.
    A potentiation with the highest value for bear tanks is Ironshield Potion, unless your gear has already reached its maximum armor, in which case Haste Potion can be used instead for more Threat. Additionally, the Free Action Potion from vanilla is still useful in certain situations when tanking for the duration of TBC's campaign.

    It's the Nightmare Seed, you know.
    Nightmare Seed is an excellent alternative to Last Stand for feral druids who lack innate defensive cooldowns. It works in a similar way to Last Stand. As a preemptive health buffer against impending damage spikes, or as a burst heal when low on health, this consumable can provide healers with an extra window of opportunity to replenish your health. As a result, feral tanks must learn to use Nightmare Seed in conjunction with activated trinkets, which is an important defensive strategy to master.

    In the absence of Battle or Guardian Elixirs, scrolls can be stacked with other consumables as well as with one another in order to maximize their effectiveness.
    TBC Classic does not appear to have an attainable buff cap, but rather only a visual cap on the number of buffs that can be displayed at a time, allowing lower impact consumables such as Scrolls to be used freely without displacing other buffs. Late in The Burning Crusade, weight stones and sharpening stones were changed to work in shapeshift forms, making Adamantite Weightstone a very powerful consumable that can be used to enhance the power of Feral Attack Power weapons when applied. For bears, each additional point of weapon damage is worth more than six points of AP in terms of TPS, making Adamantite Weightstone a significant TPS increase.