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Riot Gear: Defense for the Front Lines

  • Here are some of the most advanced armor and protection available for officers at a time when it is most needed:

    Shields are a frequently utilized piece of equipment. The purpose of shields is to act as a barrier between the officer and the crowd in an unobtrusive yet effective manner. Shields are available from L. A. Police Gear for this function. The AS-001 and AS-002 Riot Shields. The AS-001 weighs little more than five pounds and is constructed of UV-stabilized polycarbonate sheet. The AS-002 is seven pounds in weight. Both have a 3.5-inch-long handgrip with a 4-inch diameter.

    Damascus Gear carries circular riot shields measuring 21 inches in diameter. These have ergonomic grips that allow for two-handed operation in the event that the need arises. Both the grip and the break-away strap are capable of shielding the officer from flowing energy.

    Durable gloves are an essential aspect that is frequently ignored while selecting riot gear. Gloves designed expressly for riots or crowd control are designed for that type of tactical situation. Safariland carries the Defender II Steel Shot Riot Control Glove. They are made of goatskin and are both comfortable and durable due to their abrasion resistance, providing police with additional protection. Additionally, these gloves include a steel shot sewed onto each knuckle. This helps guard against impact-related injuries.

    Damascus Gear's Vector Hard-Knuckle High Threat Level Gloves include molded black Carbon-Tek hard shell knuckles with deflection plates.

    Suits for the Entire Body
    Suits covering the entire body are required in a variety of riot situations. Sirchie's TacCommander Control Suit apparel is rugged and designed for situations where more than standard duty equipment is required. This suit provides protection and movement and is available in three sizes to accommodate the majority of users. The upper back and breast areas are widened. The chest, forearm, and shin pads are all separate but provide complete protection. As a result, each component of the suit is very mobile without jeopardizing officer safety. These are made of foam with ventilation holes, and the knee and elbow cushions include shock absorption and locations for attaching police radios. They can also integrate duty belts.

    Damascus Gear's DFX2 full-body suit protects police against blunt force trauma while being comfortable and durable. The chest area is reinforced with an aluminum plate to guard against stabbing, while the back plate protects the spine. Protectors are used on the elbow, forearm, thigh, and groin.

    When it comes to crowd control or riot situations, head protection must incorporate eye protection in addition to head protection. The Damascus Gear Riot Control Helmet provides effective, non-ballistic protection. The helmet's liner is three-quarters of an inch thick to absorb energy. The strap features a quick release buckle, a softer rubber chin cup, and a detachable neck cover. They weigh less than four pounds and are compatible with the majority of gas masks.

    Sirchie's 906 Series TacElite EPR Polycarbonate Alloy Riot Helmet provides cops with a clear view and UV protection, as well as a polycarbonate face shield. The liner of the helmet is sweat-wicking. To provide further eye protection, the face shield features a liquid seal that keeps liquids out of the eyes of the police officer.

    Having the appropriate riot gear can make a significant difference in high-stress, tactical circumstances. Today's solutions eliminate the need for law enforcement officials to compromise on safety or comfort when it comes to riot gear.