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The gameplay trailer for NBA 2K22, as well as new features, hav

  • The release of NBA 2K22 is rapidly approaching, and we have now seen the official gameplay trailer for this game. Check out the plethora of new badges that have been revealed ahead of the game's release! Let's go over what we know so far about NBA 2K22 in order to keep you up to date on everything that is going on with the game.


    New Badges Have Been Revealed Recently


    2K has finally revealed what changes will be implemented in NBA 2K22's gameplay, which will be showcased in a Gameplay Trailer on Monday. Now, according to a Courtside Report, the game will be getting new features as well as 17 new badges. Let's take a closer look at all of the new NBA 2K22 badges, which already appear to be excellent!


    Season 1 is scheduled to premiere on September 10th. 


    As the release date for NBA 2K22 draws closer, we're learning more about Season 1, which is now having an impact on other game modes. Previously, seasons in  NBA 2K22 MT were only applicable to MyTEAM players. They will now have an impact on MyCAREER and The W, with some of the best rewards having an impact on how you can enjoy The City. After six weeks, you'll want to make sure you stay on top of the schedule and claim all of the rewards you can before the season is over. Season 1 is scheduled to premiere on September 10, 2021, and you can learn more about it by visiting this page!


    The release date for NBA 2K22 has been set. 


    The official release date for NBA 2K22 is set for Friday, September 10, 2021. Even though many fans had hoped that Early Access would be available to those who pre-ordered the next-generation Special Edition, this will not be the case for NBA 2K22. Furthermore, there had been expectations for an NBA 2K22 demo, but as of now, it appears that will not be taking place this year as well.


    It appears that fans will have to wait until the game's official release date before they can begin playing, but at least everyone will be on the same court at the same time.


    Covers and Editions for NBA 2K22


    The countdown to NBA 2K22 has officially begun, with the release of five stunning covers for the upcoming game. This year, Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks graces the covers of both the Standard Edition and Cross-Gen Digital Bundles, but that is only the beginning of his involvement with the franchise. Dirk Nowitzki, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and current NBA veteran Kevin Durant will be featured on the cover of the NBA 2K22 75th Anniversary Edition, which will be released to commemorate the NBA's founding 75 years ago this year.

    Meanwhile, Candace Parker, WNBA legend and Chicago Sky's own, appears on the cover of a special Standard Edition that will be sold exclusively in North America through GameStop, and Rui Hachimura appears on the cover of a regional Standard Edition that will be sold exclusively in Japan. You can learn more about all of the different cover athletes for NBA 2K22 by visiting this website.


    New Gameplay Elements Have Been Revealed 


    NBA 2K MT has revealed all of the new features that will be included in NBA 2K22, as well as changes to the game's core game modes! This list includes significant expansions for The City, The Neighborhood, MyCAREER, MyTEAM, and a slew of other games - but some, such as The City and MyNBA, will remain exclusive to the next-generation console.


    Pre-Order Your Copy Today!


    In addition to the series of announcements, NBA 2K22 is now available for pre-order through a variety of retailers worldwide. Please see this page for additional information on the contents of each edition. Alternatively, you can click on any of the links below to place an order with your preferred retailer for the edition you want to purchase.


    What to Expect When You Arrive

    NBA 2K21 Next Gen was completely redesigned from the ground up, including a brand new collision system called the Impact Engine, as well as new driving motion and court contact. The NBA 2K21 badges have also been completely redesigned, with many being removed entirely and new badges being added in their place.

    With NBA 2K21, next-gen introduced the massive innovation of The City, MyPLAYER builds, MyNBA, and a whole host of other features and improvements. As a result of all of these innovations, it's difficult to predict what will be included in NBA 2K22 – and which features will be removed or reworked before the franchise's next major release.

    MyCAREER, online gameplay in The Park and The Rec, and The City are just a few of the areas that will no doubt see improvements and some level of innovation in the future.