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The complete list of Campus Heroes has been revealed for Madden

  • MUT 22 features some new college legends on the field of battle.'Campus Heroes' is a new big set for Madden 22 Ultimate Team that includes some collegiate legends and is available now. There are a variety of positions available in this set, ranging from quarterback to tight end.

    It is definitely worthwhile to seek out each of these players because they will make a significant contribution to your team and may also be able to fetch you some coins in the Auction House. Check out this list of all the Campus Heroes currently available, along with information on how to keep them.


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    It is already possible to purchase this Campus Heroes set in Madden NFL 22 Coins Ultimate Team, and you can do so today! You can begin right away, regardless of whether you intend to grind it out or purchase them. Given the fact that Campus Legends, a new NCAA game mode in Madden 22 Superstar KO, is still in development, there's a good chance that more Campus Heroes will be added in the near future.

    Campus Heroes (at least for the time being) at MUT 22.
    Each and every one of the players included in the Campus Heroes pack will make excellent additions to your Madden 22 Ultimate Team roster; however, there are a select few who will elevate your squad to legendary proportions.

    Reggie Bush is a running back with a 91 offensive rating.
    Mr. Campus Heroes, Reggie Bush, is an outstanding addition to your running back group. He is the reigning champion. A 91-mph sprinter who can also play receiving back, he has the potential to be a valuable member of the team. In addition, he possesses exceptional kick return ability.

    As a runner/receiver, you now have a double threat. He'll be difficult to capture, but if you succeed, your Madden Ultimate Team will reach a new level of excellence.


    Rookie of the Year (89 OVR) Derrick Thomas
    At the University of Alabama and for the Kansas City Chiefs, Derrick Thomas was a standout linebacker who earned a spot on the All-American team. Derrick Thomas is the linebacker to have on your team if you want to get a strong pass rush from them. When it comes to Madden 22 Ultimate Team, Derrick Thomas could be a long-term linebacker for you. Consider going to the Auction House to see if you can get any money for him.

    quarterback (89 OVR) Matt Leinart
    In order to have some QB depth on your Madden 22 coins Ultimate Team roster, the Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart could be a good addition. The fact that Matt Leinart is one of the most well-known College Heroes currently available does not mean that he will contribute much on the field other than depth.

    (89 OVR) Roy Williams is a wide receiver with a strong offensive line.
    Mr. Roy Williams, a former Texas Longhorns standout and current wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, could be an excellent WR1 for your Ultimate Team. Due to his 90-yard sprinting speed, he should be able to get past man-coverage with relative ease, and he's a solid receiver who should be able to make some aggressive catches for you. His asking price is a ton of coins, so keep reading to find out which players have the most value on the Auction House!

    The following players are on the roster: Brian Dawkins (FS) (89 OVR).
    Getting Brian Dawkins on your roster as soon as possible is essential if you want to have one of the best safeties in NFL history on your roster.

    As soon as Brian Dawkins is added to your Madden 22 Ultimate Team roster, he'll start causing fumbles on the field. If you're looking to cause more turnovers on the field, Brian Dawkins is the safety who will do just that.