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David Beckham created an exclusive kit for the occasion in FIFA

  • For the second year running, David Beckham has partnered with EA Sports and designed an exclusive FIFA Ultimate Team kit in collaboration with Reuben Dangoor in order to raise funds and awareness for UNICEF. The partnership comes as eSoccer Aid celebrates its return for the second year in a row. English football legend David Beckham has designed an exclusive kit for coins FIFA 22, which will be worn to commemorate both his international debut and the return of eSoccer Aid for UNICEF.

    David Beckham created an exclusive kit for the occasion in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

    According to the designers, this FIFA 22 exclusive Ultimate Team kits design is meant to commemorate a special week for David Beckham, who 25 years ago today made his full England debut against Moldova in a 3-0 victory for the Three Lions. Football fans can now relive some of the history made by players such as Paul Gascoigne and Alan Shearer by purchasing this special white and blue UNICEF kit for use in the upcoming FIFA 22 game. The kit pays homage to David Beckham's infamous number 7 shirt, and Ultimate Team fans can take it a step further by donning the kit while playing with David Beckham's terrifying ICON Ultimate Team card while wearing the kit.

    Additionally, in addition to commemorating David Beckham's England debut, the kit is being released in order to raise funds for eSoccer Aid for UNICEF, an online FIFA 22 tournament that has been announced to return for a second year running. Last year's tournament featured collaborations that fans had never expected to see, such as Robbie Williams and Usain Bolt on FIFA 20 and Liam Payne from One Direction and Hollywood star Jame McAvoy on The Voice. This year's tournament, which will take place on September 30th and benefit UNICEF, is expected to have a similar star-studded lineup. All proceeds from the tournament will be donated to the organization.

    This is not the first time FIFA has donated a kit to a charitable cause, nor is it the first time EA has done something charitable in the course of its business. During the development of FIFA 21, EA Sports collaborated with KLABU to release the KLABU Kalobeyei Spirit home and away kits in order to support their cause of providing refugee camps in predominantly African countries with access to sport and sporting equipment. An exhibition match between former refugees based in the United Kingdom was held in conjunction with the kit release. Former Bolton Wanderers player Fabrice Muamba, a former refugee himself, attended the match as a guest of the KLABU ambassadors.

    Tuning into the FIFA 22 Coins PS4 for UNICEF stream on Twitch will grant you access to the kit, which will be available as an unlockable item in the upcoming game FIFA 22. Numerous Ultimate Team fans will no doubt be thrilled to be able to own a piece of gaming history in-game, and the kit should have a positive impact on the stream by raising money for charity and providing fans with something exclusive to look forward to.

    The addition of customization features such as kit designs to FIFA 22 Career Mode is no surprise given the fact that players will be able to create their own clubs. You'll be able to personalize your own starter kit. It is unclear whether this is exclusive to newly-created clubs or applies to existing teams on a season-by-season basis; however, based on what we have seen so far, it appears to be exclusive to Create-A-Club. The FIFA 21 Kit Creator is being developed by the same team that created the popular PES Master Kit Creator. It includes high-quality templates as well as a plethora of graphics, patterns, and base designs from which to choose.