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Check out how to do the Hitman 3 Dubai's exploding golf ball ch

  • In Hitman 3, there are a fair number of wacky and wild ways to whack someone. From chandeliers to wet floor signs, you’ll be taking out your foes with some seriously weird kit. One of the strangest is doable in Dubai, where you’re able to get a kill with an exploding golf ball. Here’s how.

    Hitman 3 Dubai Explosive Golf ball
    In one of the missions of Hitman 3, the players will have to visit Dubai. Here the players will come across a plot to kill Carl Ingram with an explosive Golf Ball. This is also one of the assassination challenges that players can attempt to complete in Dubai. The location of the explosive golf ball is a locked storage room in the Maintenance Corridor on Level 3. This location can be accessed by disguising Agent 47 as one of the staff members or Penthouse Guards.

    Once the explosive Golf Ball is obtained, the players have to then convince Carl Ingram to play some golf. This won't be easy as Carl has mentioned that he is working on something important and doesn’t need any distractions. The players will have to create noises and distractions to frustrate Carl and influence him to play some Golf cool off a little. When Carl hits the Golf ball, it will trigger an explosion, completing the assassination challenge Angry Birdy.

    Hitman 3 explosive golf ball location
    The Hitman 3 explosive golf ball is found inside a locked storage room, at the end of the Maintenance Corridor on Level 3, and there are two main routes to reach it. You can infiltrate this area disguised as Maintenance Staff or a Penthouse Guard, and when you enter the Maintenance Corridor you'll overhear a female staff member discussing the explosive golf ball on her phone.

    Either incapacitate her to get the Janitorial Key (if you haven't found one elsewhere), or use a crowbar to pry open the door to the storage room at the end of the corridor. Inside, look behind the red toolbox in the corner and you'll find the Hitman 3 explosive golf ball, so grab it to add it to your inventory and complete the first stage of this assassination.

    Alternatively, if you have a crowbar you can head up to Level 4 disguised as a Penthouse Guard, then make your way to the Outdoor Area off the main luxurious Courtyard. Near the golf set up you'll see the Penthouse Terrace Ladder shortcut, so break it with your crowbar and you can climb down directly into the storage room to collect the Hitman 3 explosive golf ball. This also opens up the shortcut for all subsequent playthroughs, which is quite handy.

    How to Distract Ingram So He Uses the Golf Ball
    It's important to know there are two levels to this area, and Ingram's path takes him up and down, through several rooms.

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