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Your Rocket League accomplice is clearly your mother

  • After a clumsy "Your Rocket League accomplice is clearly your mother" reveal, they turn out to be prevailing. There's no gameplay, no party -- there may be absolutely no attention paid to Buy Rocket League Credits whatever, truely. D.J., as an afterthought, says "Yeah, we won our competition" and no person cares.

    It's a weird decision for an episode hinged on this tournament. Anyway, this mom who has been gambling Rocket League for like five days is the first-class player in San Francisco. Talk about a fab mom.

    Remember that quote from earlier than in which D.J. Is going "Video video games? I do not know if I'd be top at that?" She's so goddamn appropriate. This episode handiest indicates a few seconds of Rocket League play, however D.J. Impresses inside the little time she has. She air rolls fantastically to flawlessly land at the ground, and he or she jumps off the side wall to get a great booming clean. If I needed to bet, I'd placed that gameplay with ease around Champ II.