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Crates in Rocket League are received thru gameplay

  • Per the sport's patch notes, Psyonix says this variation turned into Rocket League Credits due to "authorities guidelines" in both countries.

    Crates in Rocket League are received thru gameplay, but can't be opened in most cases without buying a key with real money. Certain events or different unique promotions may additionally offer items known as decryptors that can open crates without the participant spending money, however the most recent such event changed into final 12 months.

    This makes Psyonix but any other in a chain of developers who have either eliminated loot containers from their games in Belgium or the Netherlands, or (in some instances) close down video games absolutely due to strict authorities rules classifying loot packing containers as gambling. Last yr, Square Enix close down three cell games in Belgium because of those legal guidelines. Blizzard, Valve, ArenaNet, 2K Games, and some of others have additionally locked down loot packing containers in Buy Rocket League Items a single or each international locations.