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the English methods all really

  • The signal plays the boats and ships of saving the behind, but can not save have been shoulder to shoulder sailing of No.16 freighter, be it and discover conceal when the danger quickly turns rudder the Wes Hopkins Youth Jersey aquatic iceberg has already bumped ship Shou, violent bump shot of at the same time from flank beat to come over of the billow turns over the whole ship's coming over this act is really to stimulate an eyeball too much, the freighter of more than 10,000 tons is like the toy sort in the kid's hand is suddenly pressed by the sea water to pour to button up to come over, peep out the belly in green gray. Navigate to Wilbert Montgomery Youth Jersey break an ice ship equally don't succeed in escaping bad luck, is taking a ship to try evadable Chen Yu Qiu to imitate a Buddha to feel body drive what things malicious took out for a while, the whole individuals all poured to fly to go out.Immediately come out a blast of hot air in nasal cavity after carrying on the back to fiercely hit on the cabin wall behind.Still too late wipe blood, a wave fieriness is flowed out and out of controlly breaks an ice ship to fly soon and rightwards but deflects. "The No.3 boiler cabin leaks." "The pressure valve was locked to die, noted cold water flameproof." "Someone gets hurt, military surgeon." When Chen Yu Qiu climbs again, the ear had already infused beside full voice like this, the deck also starts at 1.1:00 to the left bias, this makes the owner all understand, ship affirmation is can not guarantee.Although navigating the warship didn't pack any equipments, but navigating the warship has many diagram papers and data, so he hurriedly pulls the first mate who hasn't Zach Ertz Youth Jersey resumed to come over:"Send letter number to the flagship, navigate warship serious wound to enter water, is rescuing data!Note water to hold the balance as far as possible toward the starboard cabin room, orderany everyone to abandon ship." The first mate sees him even navy's flagship this kind of common idioms all came out and hurriedly cross-examined:"Captain, you." "I want to rob out data, the noodles has my navy's dream there!"Chen Yu Qiu air firmness of hurtle to the storeroom.Storing the indoor is 800 very neat leather suitcases wrapped up with the waterproof oilcloth, all domestic to need urgently most of high level industrial equipments manufacturing diagram paper and data, also have German vessel design the diagram and 1,000 remaining originally collect of each kind of book. "Captain, how do these move?The rescue boat cans not let go so many." "String together these boxes with the hemp cordage abilities are all waterproof, hang on the rescue boat to trail to walk!" "BE!" Get after the Carson Wentz Youth Jersey order everyone's in file to become row to fly a box to soon deliver deck, someone early goes fetch several tie~up hemp cordage will they string row together, but haven't waited to all finish moving sea water and then separate cabin to spread from each one, soon wet instep.See sea water to soar speed super in anticipate, wink together the waist is deep, and temperature the lowest sting bone is matchless, so Chen Yu Qiu also knows if then don't walk perhaps who all didn't drop as well.

      August 30, 2018 9:53 AM PDT