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Digital And Traditional Photography

  • Traditional photography (analog) use films made with light sensitive material, which the photographer expose, then develope in either a darkroom or a machine, using a mix of chemicals, then the film image must be transfered onto light sensitive paper in order to make sense to most poeple.

    Edits are typically made in the darkroom with requires a lot of skill to get right. Darkrooms also require chemicals harmful to people and nature. And analog films contains silver which is expensive to produce.

    Digital photography use a sensor with a huge number of light sensitive pixels. This sensor and the cameras processor (brain) transforms the data into a file, which is then saved onto a memorycard of some sort (SD or other type).

    When the photographer wants to edit the pichure he removes the memorycard from the camera or transfers the image in some way to a computer (laptop/desktop/tablet) for editing.

    Some digital cameras come with wi-fi and can transfer pictures to other medias including cloud drives, websites and more.

    The main difference (I believe) is that with a typical 35 mm analog camera you have only 36 frames on a roll of film. When those 36 frames were exposed you had to wind the film back, change the roll and so on. And get it developed and printed…

    With a digital camera you can keep shooting untill you run out of battery power or space on the memory card (or both).

    This makes it more fun to photograph because you can take a lot of pichures and delete the bad ones keep the good ones, re-use the memory card and get a good result on top.

    Most peoples smartphones come with a digital camera and so are used as a camera as well as a phone. I don’t think a analog camera would work inside a cell phone, do you?

      July 31, 2020 6:41 AM PDT
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      November 24, 2018 4:18 PM PST